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Christmas Crafts & More


Ribbon Angel


Wire edge ribbon in your choice of color( s).
Small gold glass ornaments.
Gold cord.
Matching ribbon for bow at the neck.
Hot glue gun & glue sticks.
Needle & thread.


1. Remove the hanger from the glass ornament & discard.
2. Cut 1 pieces of wire edge ribbon 6"long.
3. Fold piece in half & twist the end so it will fit in the end of the glass ornament.
4. Hot glue the end into the "head". This forms the body & head of the angel.
5. Cut a piece of ribbon 8" long. Fold each end in to the center overlapping about 1/4".
6. Run a gathering stitch thru the center of the folds, gather tightly & wrap a few times to secure. (wings)
7. Glue the wings to the back of the angel where the "neck" area is.
8. Tie a small bow with the matching ribbon & glue to the front under the head.
9. Thread gold cord thru needle, run thru top of wings, knot ends & clip. (hanger)

Shoulder pad Angel



1 Shoulderpad
1 Wood head
Craft hair
Gold cord
Paper twist (opt.)
Hot glue, needle & thread
1. Hot glue or sew lace to the rounded edge of the shoulderpad.
2. Hot glue hair to head.
3. Hot glue/sew both corners of the shoulderpad to the center.
4. Hot glue/sew lace to neck area.
5. Glue head to the top.
6. Tie a small bow of ribbon & glue to neck area.
7. Make a loop of gold cord, tie ends in a knot, trim & glue to top of head.
8. Make wings of matching ribbon or paper twist or use purchased wings.




1 Renuzit Air Freshner, new or used
1 wooden doll head
Hair/Spanish Moss
Material of choice
Paper Ribbon/Twist
String of small beads.
1. Cut a 18" long x 7" wide piece of material (dress).
2. Cut 2 pieces 6" x 2" (arms).
3. Sew arms with right sides together, turn.
4. Sew a 1/4" hem on both long ends.
5. Sew the short ends right sides together.
6. Run a gathering stitch close to the edge of the "dress".
7. Pull tightly & fasten.
8. Sew lace to bottom of dress.
9. Sew or glue arms to dress.
10. Paint face on head or leave plain.
11. Glue hair on head.
12. Hot glue dress to top of Renuzit. Glue head on top of dress.
13. Tie beads & ribbon in a bow together & glue to neckline.
14. Tie bows & glue to wrist area of arms.
15. Open paper twist, make a bow & glue to back of dress.
16. Glue on halo & ENJOY!!!

Flower angel



A silk flower of your choice.
One wood ball with hole.
Small curly hair.
Wings and gold cord for hanger.
Pull flower off stem & glue wood ball on remaining short stem.
Use a toothpick to make small dots for eyes.
Attach hair.
Two green leaves can be used for wings or lace or anything you wish.
Add narrow gathered lace and put around neck then add a small bow under chin.