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Sun Bonnet Angel




Acrylic Colors you will need: or use what ever color you prefer

Ultramarine Blue

Storm Blue
Rose Pink

Turners Yellow
Yellow Light
Titanium White
Gold Oxide
Carbon Black
Napthol Red Crimson
Transparent Magenta
Norwegian Orange

          Shaders, #4, #10
          Script liner, #0


Unbleached muslin, 1/2 yd.
Fleece or scraps of lightweight quilt batting, 1/2 yd.
Light-colored cotton fabric, 1/2 yd. or scraps (for backing)
Chroma, Inc. Jo Sonja's Textile Medium
Sewing thread in dark values, similar to paint colors used.
Ribbon, 1/8", small pieces
Buttons, ribbon roses, charms, etc.
Sharp scissors
Hot glue gun
Fishing line, lightweight
Plastic yard sale sign (for template)
Mechanical sign



The angels are painted on unbleached muslin, cut out, and sewn with a batting filling and cotton fabric backing. The edges are not turned under.

Make a template by transferring the outline of the angel onto the yard sale sign. Cut out. Cut separate templates of the arm (including the hand) and bonnet.

If the angels will be put on wearables, wash the muslin to remove the sizing, and press. For ornaments, washing is not needed. If painting directly on fabric, wash it first.

Using a pencil and a light touch, trace the angel outlines one-half-inch apart in rows across the width of the muslin.  One-half yard will yield about 30 angels in three strips. (Flop the template for angels facing in the opposite direction.) Position the arm and bonnet template on an outline and trace around them. Repeat for the other angels. Cut apart the strips, then cut each strip in half (for easier handling). Note: Do not cut between each angel at this time.

Painting Instructions:
Steps for Painting the Design Color suggestions follow these steps. Important: To prevent paint bleeding into another color, base-paint the bonnet, arm, and wing. Let dry before painting the dress. Let the dress dry before painting the shoe and hand.

Brush entire bonnet area with textile medium or water. Be sure to keep the edges crisp so paint will not bleed outside the outline. (Refer to the photo; not the unpainted area around the edge. After the angels are painted, they are cut apart and stitched, then cut out 1/8" larger than the outline.)

Dress the large flat with water. Side-load with the base color. With the paint side of the brush on the outline edge, start at the back where the greatest concentration of color will be and paint around the outline. The paint will bleed into the wet area, leaving a sharp edge where the fabric is dry.

Pick up a little shadow color on the side of the brush. Brush onto the back. Walk the color into the  back with overlapping back and forth strokes.

Side-load again. Brush in the shadow at the back of the brim.  Paint the wing and arm using the same technique. The bonnet, wing, and arm can be the same or different colors. Let dry. Brush the dress with textile medium or water. Paint, using the same  technique as for the bonnet. Brush an extra shadow down and back under the arm. Let dry.

Load the small brush with textile medium and paint. Paint the shoes, then the hand. Option: These areas do not need to be dampened first. Let dry.

Decorate with small calico prints, geometrics, etc. using only enough medium to keep the paint flowing. The design ideas shown in the photo are just the beginning of the possibilities. The designs can be place in a square or diamond grid or be completely random.


courtesy of Crafts On-Line