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Tassel Angels

Tassel AngelsTassel Angels

Tassel Angels can be made in numbers to decorate your whole tree or make several to sell as fund raisers at the local Christmas Bazaar.




MATERIALS (to make one angel):
1 Wrights® 3" Rayon Bell Tassel* (#183-9068-065)
7-9 in. Wrights® 3 1/2" Wide Decorative Ribbon (preferably wired) for wings (#222-586-044)
Wrights® 1/8" Polyester Cord (#184-6299-030)
7 in. Wrights® 1/8" Ribbon (for hanging loop) (#222-5640-1011)
1 14mm Unfinished Wood Bead
-- Doll Hair
-- 20 Gauge Silver or Gold Craft Wire
1 Decorative Button or Charm
-- 32 Gauge Fabric Covered Floral Wire
-- Permanent, Waterproof Markers
-- Powder Blush
-- Cotton Swab
-- Tacky Glue**
-- Fabric Stiffener
-- Needle Nose Pliers
-- Bits and Pieces of Decorative Trim or 2.5mm Pearls or Beads (optional)
-- Assorted Jewelry Fittings (tie tack pin, bar pin), Magnet, or Velcro Dots (optional)
-- Fray Prevention Product (optional)
*Smaller angels can be made using smaller tassels, wood beads and shorter lengths of ribbon for the wings (for a Wrights® 2" acetate tassel, use an 8mm bead and 3-4" of 1/2" to 1" ribbon; for a Wrights® 3" acetate tassel, use a 12 or 14mm bead and 4-6" length of 1" to 1 1/2" wide ribbon).

**For best results in controlling glue, use a fine-line glue applicator.







  1. Using permanent, waterproof markers, "dot" eyes and mouth on unfinished wooden bead. With cotton swab, apply a small circle of powder blush to each cheek.
  2. Thread braided hanging loop of tassel through the bottom hole of the "head" bead and pull through top hole. Apply tacky glue to bottom of bead and place on top of tassel (to ensure a tight bond, pull securely on the exposed tassel hanging loop). Hold until set. Cut hanging loop at top hole of head bead. (For a nice finishing touch, braided hanging loop can be cut to size and wrapped around neck of angel to make a collar for angel's dress. To prevent unraveling, glue ends of collar at back of neck. Other finishing options are described in step 5.
  3. Stiffen polyester cord according to directions on fabric stiffener package. (For an antique effect, cord can be tea-dyed before stiffening). Cut a sufficient length (about 3 1/2") of pre-stiffened cord for arms. Apply tacky glue to middle section of cording and attach at back of angel just under head, folding around to front of body. Apply small amount of glue to secure arms at the shoulders. Glue a decorative button or charm to end of arms, trimming arms as necessary before adding attachment.
  4. If desired, glue bits and pieces of decorative trim around the neck and/or waist of angle. (If using crocheted trim, first treat with a fraying prevention product according to instructions). cut a length of 2.5mm pearls or gold beads to make a choker style necklace. Wrap beads around neck and glue at back. (As discussed in step 2, hanging loop from tassel can also be used as a collar for angel's dress).
  5. Glue doll hair to head. If using yarn-like doll hair, wrap a length of hair about 18" long around two fingers. Slip off fingers and twist hair into a "figure 8" shape. Glue to top, sides and back of head. Using additional glue, secure and style hair. (For other types of doll hair, follow package instructions).
  6. Cut ribbon for wings. (If ribbon is of a type that frays easily, treat with a fraying prevention product. If ribbon is flimsy, use a fabric stiffener to give wings body). Fold ribbon, overlapping ends by at least 1" to 1 1/2". Accordion pleat or pinch ribbon together in middle to make a bow. Tightly wrap fabric covered floral wire around pinched section to secure. Wings should resemble a bow tie.
  7. Attach wings to angel body with tacky glue. Hold securely until glue is dry. Once glue is dries, wings can be puffed and pulled into shape.
  8. Cut a 3" to 4" length of silver or gold craft wire and, with needle nose pliers, form a halo (twisting ends of wire into a "stem"). Apply a thin line of tacky glue to stem of halo and insert halo through hair into top hole of wooden bead so that halo looks like it is floating above head.
  9. Cut a sufficient length of narrow ribbon or cording to make a hanging loop, crisscrossing ends of ribbon and gluing at the crisscross point. Glue hanging loop to back of wings and hold until glue is dry. Using a fine-line glue applicator, apply small amount of glue about midway up each side of hanging loop and secure ribbon loop to hair. Angels, particularly smaller ones, can also be finished with jewelry findings (bar pin, tie tack), magnet and Velcro dots.
  10. Enjoy!