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Materials Needed

DRESS: 48" length of 6" wide Falk Enhanced Sparkle Gold Dot on White Tulle*, small embroidered flowers, thin ribbons (optional)
HEAD: 1" wooden bead
FACE: Black acrylic paint and paint brush Pink Powder Blush and a
QTIP: For blush
ARMS: 6" White pipe cleaner
WINGS: 18" length of 3" wide wire edged ribbon
*HAIR: Yellow curly hair or spanish moss, gold pot scrubber, or sheep's wool or make your own out of yarn*
HALO: 4" of star garland or wedding ring
WAND: Round party toothpick or barbecue skewer, small wooden star sprayed gold or silver
HANGER: 6" Gold thread or wire

Assembly Instructions

Cut 2 pieces of 6" wide enhanced sparkle gold tulle* each 24" in length.

Fold each piece in half lengthwise and place one on top of the other. Pin folded tulle edges in place with straight pins to hold tulle and prevent it from moving as you baste. With a double thickness of thread baste 1/8" from folded edge.
Gather up thread and tie dress securely.

Add your embellishments.  Either use your glue gun or sew them on.

With low-melt glue gun, glue 1" wooden bead to the top of thegathered dress.

With black acrylic paint, place two dots for eyes on wooden bead.  Use a Q-tip to apply pink blush for cheeks.  Tie bow made from 6" of 1/4" gold ribbon and glue above dress in center front under head.

Using the wooden end of the paint brush, place end into the lid of the paint bottle. The small amount of paint in the lid will be just enough paint to make your eyes. Dot the end of the paint brush on the wooden knob and you should have a
perfect eye. Repeat.

Cut a white pipe cleaner 6" long, bend in half, and glue the midpoint to the back of the head just above the dress. Form elbows by bending each arm at midpoint. Glue a small wooden star to the end of a round party toothpick. Spray with gold spray paint. Fold end of pipe cleaner arm around wand.

HAIR: With low-melt glue gun, make a hairline and carefully apply hair. For the hair you can use Spanish moss, sheep’s wool, a gold pot scrubber or any of the craft hair available in your local craft store.  You can also make your own doll hair.  The instructions follow:

*How to make dolls hair:  cut enough yarn (your choice of color) wet it; take a barbecue skewer or a pencil, what ever size you want the curls to be; wrap the yarn tightly around the skewer close together until you get to the end.  Tape to secure.  To dry:  you can either leave it on a table and wait a several hours or put it in the microwave 1 minute at a time, decreasing until it is completely dry.  Unravel and you have doll hair.  You can use any type of thread for this, embroidery floss, thin ribbons, crochet threads, etc . . .

HALO: Glue wedding ring to top of head for a halo. A halo can also be made from 4" of star garland or a gold glitter stem (pipe cleaner). Form a circle by meeting both ends of the garland or pipe cleaner and twist or glue ends. Glue to top of head.

WINGS: Tie a bow using 18" of Falk wire-edge gold flitter ribbon* and glue to back of angel to form wings.

HANGER: Cut a 6" gold thread or wire. Fold in half and tie a knot at the end. Glue to top of halo for hanger.



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