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Dry flowers in the microwave


submitted by Shirley and Sherril


You can press flowers in the microwave!

Use 2 stone tiles. Ours were terracotta. and some paper napkins.
Put napkin on glossy side of tile facing up. Lay out flowers on it. Layer with napkin, flowers, napkin, flowers and so on. over last napkin put other tiles glossy side down.

Were are pressing pansies. It's still warm enough here for them. You can also do leaves this way.

Put in microwave for 1 to 2 min on high temp.
Allow to cool to touch.
Check to see if dry but not burnt.

You can coat the flowers with embossing fluid by gently pressing them onto a tinted or clear embossing pad. Then dip them into clear powder to coat them. Use ones with long stems so you have a place to hold. then heat just long enough to melt the powder. The Flower will stay its true colors for up to 6 months or sometimes longer.

We then layer them in Multi layered embossing.
Layers of embossing powder on cardstock or cardboard shape.
After a few layers lay on your coated flower while the melted layer is still warm.  It will stick. Allow to cool, then add one more layer of ink and powder.

They look great as pins, or attachments on cards.



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