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Paper Crafts - How to Make a Rubber Stamped Greeting Card



Here's some procedures for How to Make A Card (using rubber stamps) and How to Emboss.

submitted by Jeanne




  1. Select the stamp of your choice

    Make sure that you leave enough space on top, bottom and sides of cardstock

  2. If using Ink Pad:

  3. If using Pigment Pad:

  4. Press Rubber stamp onto cardstock

  5. Proceed to color in the image.

  6. Select from:

    Markers      Watercolors           Pencils      Chalks/Pastels

  7. If using permanent ink, then you can use watercolors too.

  8.  If using pigment, you can use markers or pencils.

    Only if you emboss, then you can use watercolors.  (See how to emboss.)

  9. When finished coloring, trim sides of card

    Use decorative scissors or punches

  10. You can use different colors of cardstock to create a layered effect.

  11. Cut desired color of text paper to fit inside finished card

    Fold and glue to inside of card

  12. Use Rubber stamp to write a message inside or write your own

    Calligraphy markers can be used for this


  1. Select Rubber stamp of your choice
  2. Select Embossing Powder (EP):

  3.  Ink your stamp with pigment:

  4. Press inked stamp to selected piece of cardstock

  5. Lift Rubber stamp straight up with an even movement
  6. Sprinkle EP over stamped image
  7. Tap excess onto a piece of paper so you can retrieve the EP onto jar/box.
  8. Heat your image with Heat Gun:

  9. Proceed to color your image with markers or watercolors.

    If using pencils do it gently so you don't scratch the EP.

Other heat sources:

Single range



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