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Crafting with Laminating Sheets

submitted by Jeanne

If your crafting involves placing artwork on paper, by computer printing or rubber stamping, for instance, you can take that paper and laminate it for an instantly professional look. Laminating machines have a process whereby an item is fed through heated rollers and sealed within layers of plastic film thus protecting the item again dirt, handling damage and changes in climate.

Laminating preservers the paper forever. Once the paper has been laminated, there's an endless list of things can do with it. You will see some of the projects listed below.

Luggage Tags:
Luggage tags are not just for luggage. You may use them on any type of bag that could use an ID tag such as: brief cases, gym bags, book bags, backpacks, diaper bags, lunch boxes, tennis bags, golf bags, and bowling ball bags. Place the piece of paper that you have customized with artwork and personal information into a luggage tag pouch. Once this has been laminated, attach a luggage tag loop.

Protect the bookmark you have created by placing it between two pieces of laminate film. Run through a laminator, and the bookmark will last forever.   Magnetic bookmarks are especially neat--here's how to make them. Once the bookmark has been laminated, fold it in the center and run back through the laminator. This creates a nice crease in the bookmark. Place two small magnetic strips on the inside edges. When you fold the bookmark over a page in a book, it stays in place because the magnets attract each other.

*Write On/Wipe Off Message Boards:
Custom message boards are among one of my favorite projects to design. All kinds of message boards may be created simply by placing artwork on a piece of paper and laminating. Then just use a dry erase marker to write information on the board, and a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe it clean. Examples of message boards are: Phone lists, grocery lists, memo
boards, children's chore charts and travel games, babysitter instruction chart, calendars, coaching diagrams, things to do lists -- anything where you would need to write information and then wipe it off.

Create your jewelry on paper and laminate it. The heavier weight film you use, the stiffer the piece of jewelry will be. Punch a hole and attach hoops for earrings or place on a chain for a necklace or you may glue a pin on back.

Use your creativity to make refrigerator magnets with your artwork. The most popular size magnets are made by using business card size pouches. You may use 10 mil film which makes a very rigid magnet, and place a small strip magnet on the back. Or use lightweight 3 mil film and adhere to a business card size sheet magnet.

Numerous signs may be made by placing artwork on a piece of paper and laminating. One idea is to make signs for a kid's room featuring his or her name, hobbies, etc. To make outdoor signs with non-lightfast ink (such as from an inkjet printer), choose laminating film with UV protection.

*Name Tags
Make cute and special nametags with your artwork and laminating to add a glossy finish. You may glue a pin on back or use ID clips.

*Door Knob Hangers
Protect your door knob hangers by laminating them. You'll no doubt think up many cute ideas for door knob hangers for kids' rooms, baby sleeping hangers and shift worker hangers to alert visitors to knock instead of ringing the bell.

Use your artwork on a placemat size sheet of paper. Laminate to seal the paper and protect from spills.

•When choosing a pouch remember that a 1/8" border of film is recommended for items smaller than 6" x 9" and a 1/4" border of film is recommended for items 6" x 9" and larger. This extra border ensures that the item receives the proper seal. •If you want your end product to be completely waterproof, you must cut your designs out first; then, put inside a pouch leaving a 1/8" - 1/4" clear border around the paper.




courtesy of Crafts On-Line