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Transfer your Photos


Ever wanted to create a customized craft item with your photos?  Follow the following steps and you will learn how to transfer your photos using your negatives to any cloth material including canvas.


First you need to make the solutions:

1/4 ounce silver nitrate
1/4 ounce ferric ammonium citrate
1/4 ounce citric acid
Six ounces distilled water
Pour each ingredient into the distilled water, stir until dissolved.
Pour the contents into a dark plastic bottle.
Mark the bottle "Solution 1".

1/4 ounce sodium thiosulphate
Ten ounces water
Pour the contents into a dark plastic bottle.
Mark the bottle "Solution 2".

What you will need:


2 glass rectangles - use the glass enclosures from two purchased frames


Frame made out of Heavy Cardboard

Cotton Ball


The first thing you are going to learn is to transfer a photo using cloth.  Stretch the material tightly across the glass.  Use clothespins to secure edges.

Mark the cloth with chalk outline where you will place the negative.  Saturate a cotton ball with Solution 1, and wipe the cotton ball evenly over the picture area until the area is lightly coated.  Place your negative over the saturated area.

Out of heavy paper, make a "frame" the size you want the picture. Place the frame over the negative and hold it all down tight with another piece of glass.  Clamp the two pieces of glass together with clothespins.

When you have it all prepared and held firmly together, expose it to bright sunlight for several minutes, then remove the top glass, the frame and the negative. Apply Solution No. 2 to the printed area, and soak it good for about one minute. This application of the second solution "fixes" the picture and prevents it from fading out later when exposed to light. Rinse the surface in clean water and allow to dry.

When you have familiarized yourself with these simple directions you will have no trouble in producing remarkable results that will enable you to prepare many unusual items for gifts, etc.

You should be able to purchase all the above ingredients at any good wholesale drug company or photographic supply to successfully transfer photos to t-shirts, cloth, canvas or even wood.  It may take a couple of tries, but you will eventually be able to transfer your photos from a negative.  You may want to have your negatives enlarged.  You can do this by taking your negatives to a photography studio.  This procedure works really well if you want to create pins, magnets and small items with your photos.



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