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Garden Gift Basket

Fruit basket

Bronze Webbing Spray - Gold Chiffon

Krylon Living Color White Primer

Bronze Glitter Spray - Glistening Gold

Spanish moss

Decorative bird feeder

Floral-scented sachet

Gardening gloves

2" dragonfly accents

Ceramic vegetable garden markers

Various seed packets

Craft glue


Spray basket with Living Color White Primer. Allow to dry.

Spray over primer with Living Color Gloss White. Allow to dry.

Spray basket with Gold Chiffon Webbing Spray, followed by Glistening Gold Glitter Spray. Allow to dry.

Place Spanish moss in basket for filler first, then place bird feeder, seed packets, sachet and garden markers into basket.

To finish, drape gardening gloves over the side of basket, and glue dragonfly to the top.  Wrap with clear colored cellophane.


Gardener's Basket


Garden Gloves

Various seed packets

Garden Tools

Kneeling Pad

Bottle Of Liquid Fertilizer

Gardening Magazine

Certificate from a nursery

Gardener's Journal

Large Terra Cotta Clay Pot


Use the large terra cotta clay pot for your container.  Neatly arrange the contents in the pot.  Wrap with clear colored cellophane.









courtesy of Crafts On-Line