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Baby Shower Gift ideas for Babies


Gift Baskets make wonderful gifts for any occasion.  Customized to fit your friend or families hobbies, favorite things, etc. . makes these well received and very special.


You may also want to print out some Recipe Cards and Gift Tags for items in your Gift Baskets by going  to our Graphics menu.


The suggestions found here are responses that were given through our email community list message.


Li Ching suggested:

an idea for your gift basket would be a cute piggy bank (u can get one for a few bucks only) so the baby has her/his own first piggy bank and he/she can use it as he/she grows up.

If you are including the piggy bank, throw in a coin at least for tradition is that you do not give an empty piggy bank.

Another suggestion is to give cash vouchers/gift vouchers and you can put that in the piggy get a piggy bank that can be easily opened and not having to crack it open.

I know Wal-mart has great a good selection of baby stuff that is reasonably priced.  So, you can either get the items from these affordable places or get the vouchers.  Items that mums love are baby supplies such as clothes and disposable diapers.  Toys are usually last on the list.

To add a "welcome to the country" touch, you may want to include a US emblem shirt.  And a home made card just tops it off!



Kay suggested:

A shower gift I have used often is a half dozen face cloths in a pastel color. Fold them over about four times lengthwise then roll up like a cinnamon roll and put each one in the hole of a muffin tin. Glue a red pompom to the tip of a toothpick and ease it into the center of the facecloth. Wrap the whole thing in cellophane (I like iridescent). Looks like you are giving a tin of cupcakes. In fact at one shower one little old lady insisted that I take this into the Kitchen with the other food. She wouldn't let me put it on the gift table.






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