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Gift Basket Themes


Here are some gift basket themes for helping you put your gift basket together.  Items marked with an * have recipes or instructions.  Click on the name of the project to get the directions.


Herbal Garden Basket

Gardening tools
Herbal plants
Small terra cotta pots
Gardening gloves
Seed packets

Computer Lover's Gift Basket

a box of diskettes
a mouse pad
a pad of post it notes
a pen and pencil
a soft cloth for cleaning the screen
a cd/disk drive cleaning kit
a pad of pre-generated excuse letters --
~Please Excuse [insert name here] From Work as He Was ... ~

Pasta Herb Basket

Tri-colored pasta
Loaf of French bread
Pesto sauce

Grated cheese

Bottle of wine - Suggest Blueberry Wine

Coffee Lovers Basket

Chocolate-dipped spoons
Coffee mugs
Coffee bean candy

Ice Cream Basket

Fountain glasses
Long-handled spoons
Ice cream scoop
Butterscotch topping
Chocolate syrup

Cookie Basket

Homemade cookies
Cookie cutters
Cookie mix
Gingerbread men

Pasta Basket

Colorful napkins
Pasta fork
Grated cheese

Expectant Father Kit


Fill a large insulated cooler (the kind that has lots of pockets, it can double as a diaper bag)

snacks & drinks for dad
A list of phone numbers
roll of quarters or calling card
a disposable camera
a bottle of non-alcoholic cider
a magazine
a fast food restaurant gift certificate from near the hospital
gift certificate to a local florist


courtesy of Crafts On-Line